Hex Cube Blue


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This is the new Cube Blue H7. It is based on the Cube Orange design, but made in the USA.

The Blue Cube offers all the features of the original cube, and is manufactured in the USA for compliance-sensitive customers. The cube contains the Pixhawk 2.1 autopilot without carrier board. It can be used with a carrier of your design, or with any of the following: Hex Technology standard carrier board, The Kore quadrotor carrier, or with the Hex Technology mini carrier board.


  • An STM32F427 Rev 3 flight management unit
  • An STM32F100 I/O processor with pass through
  • 1x Fixed 10 Axis IMU (MPU9250 with MS5611 Barometer)
  • 2x Vibration Isolated and heat controlled IMUs (MPU9250, L3GD20 3 Axis Gyro, and MS5611 Barometer).
  • All connections are via an 80 pin DF17 connector on the base.

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Dimensions 10.2 × 8 × 0.5 in