Blue ROV2


The BlueROV2 is the world’s most affordable high-performance ROV. With a 6-thruster vectored configuration, open-source electronics and software, and plenty of expandability, it’s the perfect ROV for inspections, research, and adventuring. What will you see?

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The BlueROV2 is the world’s most affordable high-performance underwater ROV. With six- and eight-thruster configurations, a number of available accessories, and open source software, it has an unprecedented level of performance, flexibility, and expandability. With several thousand units out in the field, the BlueROV2 is one of the most popular underwater drones on the market!

The BlueROV2 comes partially assembled and requires 6-12 hours of user assembly to complete. During the assembly process, you learn how all of the components of the system work and fit together and it leaves you with the knowledge needed to make upgrades and improvements in the future!

Additional information

Weight 22-24 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13.3 × 10 in

Major Components After Assembly
The BlueROV2 comes partially assembled with the electronics and WTEs tested. Assembly takes approximately 4-6 hours with hand tools. After assembly, the major components will be as follows:
1 x BlueROV2 (as configured)
1 x Fathom ROV Tether (as configured)
1 x Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI)
What’s Not Included
There are some items necessary for operation that are not included with the kit.
A gamepad controller. We recommend this XBox One Controller (finer control) or this Logitech Gamepad (more affordable).
A laptop or a Windows 10 tablet with 8GB of RAM or higher. The topside control software, QGroundControl, works on Mac, Windows 10 (i5 processor), and Linux.
A 4S battery for the BlueROV2. Here are our recommendations:
Blue Robotics Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 18Ah)
Turnigy Li-po (14.8V, 10Ah) (Hobby King)
HobbyStar Li-po (14.8V, 10Ah) (Amazon)
A battery charger, such as our Lithium Battery Charger.
What’s Included
The following lists the included sub-assemblies and other components of the kit.
1 x BlueROV2 Frame
7 x 8-18 thread, 5/8” long, thread-forming screw
7 x Ballast Weight (200g, 7 oz)
Electronics Enclosure
1 x BlueROV2 Enclosure
Battery Enclosure
1 x Enclosure Clamp (3” Series) Set (black anodized aluminum w/ rubber strips)
1 x Cast Acrylic Tube – 8.75″, 222mm (3″ Series)
1 x Aluminum End Cap (3” Series)
1 x Aluminum End Cap with 4 Holes (3” Series) w/ 2 Cable Penetrator Blanks and 1 Enclosure Vent and Plug installed (anodized aluminum 6061)
2 x O-Ring Flange (3” Series)
1 x XT90 to 3.5 mm bullet connector adapter
4 x M4x14 socket head cap screw (316 stainless steel)
4 x M3x12 socket head cap screws (316 stainless steel)
3 x T200 Thrusters w/ Clockwise Propeller installed
3 x T200 Thrusters w/ Counter-Clockwise Propeller installed
6 x Cable Penetrator Nut
6 x 013 O-ring
16 x M3x16 socket head cap screw (316 stainless steel)
8 x M3x12 socket head cap screw (316 stainless steel)
30 x 5 1/2” zip ties (nylon)
4 x BlueROV2 Fairings (blue polycarbonate)
4 x Subsea Buoyancy Foam (R-3318 urethane foam)
16 x #4 size, 3/4” long pan head self tapping screw (316 stainless steel)
1 x Fathom ROV Tether R2 (ROV-ready) (25-300m)
1 x Tether Cable Thimble with 5Heavy Duty Zip Ties
1 x Silicone Grease – 10g Tube
1 x O-Ring Pick
1 x 2.5 mm hex driver
1 x #1 Phillips head screwdriver
1 x Penetrator Wrench
1 x Hex Key Set
1 x MicroSD to SD Adapter
1 x Hand Operated Vacuum Pump with fittings for testing 2 enclosures
1-2 x Lumen Subsea Light (Pre-Connected Sets) (New R2 Version) (Optional)
SOS Leak Sensor
1 x SOS Leak Sensor (installed)
Fathom-X Tether Interface
1 x Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI)
1 x 3 ft (1m) USB-A to USB-B cable
1 x Moisture Indicating Silica Gel Desiccant
2 x Cable Penetrator Blank
2 x 013 O-ring
2 x Cable Penetrator Nut (1x Used for Battery Cable in Battery Enclosure / 1x Used with Cable Penetrator Blank if you aren’t using Lumens)