5V 6A Power Supply


This simple power supply converts 7-26V to a steady 5V at up to 6A!

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This power supply provides 5v power at up to 6A. It accepts input voltages from 7v to 26v and uses a switching converter with minimal heat loss. It comes with two standard servo-style connectors, making it easy to use to power the Pixhawk 5v rail for servos, the Raspberry Pi, or other 5v devices.

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1 x 5V 6A Power Supply


Parameter Value
Supply Voltage 7-26V 2S-6S Li-po/Li-ion Battery
Output Voltage 5 Volts DC
Output Current (Max) 6 Amps (combined output)
Input Connector Non-Insulated Spades
Output Connectors 3 position 0.1” (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housing
Length 37 mm 1.45 in
Width 18 mm 0.71 in
Height 6 mm 0.24 in
Input Wire Length 140 mm 5.5 in
Output Wire Length 115 mm 4.5 in